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Shannon's Studio 2 Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!

Competition Team

Shannon’s Studio II Competition Dance


Shannon’s Studio II offers 2 levels of competition dance.


***”A Class Act” – “A Class Act” dancer must be 5-8 years old.  These young dancers attend class once a week for a 1 hour lesson.  Classes begin in late August and continue through May.  ”A Class Act” learn 2 routines for competition.  They also work on dance technique in tap and jazz.  This young group attends 3 competitions per season and also dances in each of the 2 recitals at the end of the year.  ”A Class Act” dancer may take technique classes and attend Nationals – however, neither is required.

Shannon’s Studio II competition team members are dancers ages 8 and up.  The SSII dance team is designed to accommodate many levels of competition dancers.

***Soloists – This level of dancer learns a solo routine in a style of dance best suited to the dancer’s skill level and personality.  The soloists will compete 2-6 times per season.  They also dance in the recital and may attend Nationals.  The solo dancer is automatically a team member and will perform an essential 3 group numbers. (2 large groups and the production)

***Small Group Dancers – This level of team dancer competes 3 times per season. They learn and perform 3 group numbers and additional smaller group of 4-9 dancers.  These dancers also perform in the recital and are invited to attend Nationals.

***Regular Team Dancers – A regular team member at SSII learns 2 large group routines and participates in the production number.  These dancers compete twice during the season.  A regular SSII team member performs in the recital and may attend the National competition.

***Team membership is by audition only.

***Team tuition is determined by level.

***A 45 minute per week technique class is require for each level of competition dancer. (“A Class Act” dancer is NOT required to take technique.)

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